Brevard County Property Tax

Living in Brevard County Florida?

My husband and I are looking at houses in Brevard County. We are looking to go no further north then Titusville and no further south then Melbourne (maybe even closer then Melbourne). Whats a decent area to live? We currently live in MI and travel to FL all the time. We are sick of the Michigan winters and would like to move to FL. We don’t have kids nor plan on having them so schools aren’t an issue for us. We don’t mind driving a little bit to a store. Also, could you let me know what the property tax and home owners insurance is like. I heard that Merritt Island’s taxes are insane…is that true? Also, we aren’t rich so we aren’t looking for fancy places.

If you live within ten miles of the coast you are going to pay a premium on taxes and insurance. In many cases taxes and insurance can run over 10,000 dollars per year even on a modest home. Not in every case but far higher than most northern states. Florida is ground zero for insurance fraud so our rates are extremely high. There are few jobs in that area. I wouldn’t say avoid it but there are areas better for young people. Orlando is a better place to go. It’s a 45 minute to the beach highway all the way. The cost of home ownership in Orlando (or metro area) can be half of what it would be to be near the beach. If you are a young couple there are many condos for rent and for sale at extremely cheap prices in the Orlando area. I think you are going to have some sticker shock coming from the midwest. Our electric bills, gas prices, insurance prices, and food prices are much higher than up north. I pay double for electric bill compared to my family in Indiana and live in the same size home as my dad.

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