State Of Rhode Island Courts

"I can sue the State of Rhode Island?

But a few years ago, I was like 13. My mom and I had moved from Alabama to Rhode Island. Well, my aunt had a few parking tickets and a few days after she arrived, she had to go to traffic court. were in the waiting room when I suddenly I have thirst. I went to go get a drink, when a friend came running from the back, trying to escape police dam. He knocked me down, and he rolled down the stairs. He was arrested up (concrete floor), and I was pretty beaten up. Rose, trying to achieve, but then the police came and got him. He had a warrant a few (do not know why) and for some reason, lol idoit went to traffic court. Anyway, I have bruises, and the fact that we made an influence on me, put me in grave danger, no? Of course, this was a few years ago and since then moved to Alabama, but I've only thought about it a bit. I do not have a case here?

You had no real damage so there is nothing to sue.

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