Sales Tax Virginia

wholesale/importer license? In Virginia?

I started a domestic corporation in Virginia.
The corporation engages in Import and Wholesale business.
My corporation imports general merchandises from other countries and sells them
to wholesalers in Virginia.

My concern is:
Do i have to pay for the sales tax? I found Form ST-10, Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption. As a supplier, do i need to have the certificate from the buyer(dealer) and need to submit it to Virginia DAT or keep it until DAT audits my corporation?

You need to collect the EIN/state info for anyone that you sell to wholesale. I don’t believe you need to submit it. It is also good if you get your clients to send you a letter stating outright that they are resellers – that will give you strong backup. Make sure you get a business license in your locality as a wholesaler.

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