Rogers County District Court

3 I think should get the DP, why take this? tight security surrounding Tuesday that three teens have been accused of killing a 12-year-old at his home in Moore County last week. Sherrod Nicholas Harrison, 19, Currie Graham Michael, 18, and Van Roger Smith Jr., 16, all of Cameron, have been charged with first degree murder and burglary in the death of Emily Elizabeth Haddock. The three teens made their first appearance in court Tuesday morning and were appointed attorneys. A bond hearing is scheduled for Wednesday in U.S. District Court, but Authorities have refused to reveal the time of the hearing for security reasons. The rumors of threats against adolescents swirled through the Moore County Courthouse Tuesday, though officials said they had not received any specific threat.

Oh, God, that just makes me sick. Fruckin hanging from lampposts.

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