Norfolk County Records

Census record of my great-grandmother?

My name is Evelyn Gertrude Galliher grandmother, born around 1904. If someone could get census records , 1910 or 1920, that would be wonderful. I've seen the 1930 census record of my great-grandfather, her husband, Ralph Shores.I know that at the time of the census of 1930, she was living 26 years in Norfolk County, Mass. I was born somewhere in the state of New York, but both parents born in Mass. I think she died sometime the mid-60's, maybe very early 70's. Thank you very much. With my family, information is scarce and I have no access to libraries in Massachusetts, since I live near Philadelphia. Also, the information passed from my mother has not been very abundant. I'm curious, because there are signs and rumors of Mohawk Native Americans in the blood? Thanks anyone who helps. I will give a better response. : D Thanks.

The library in which are located near Philadelphia, you may be able to provide access to ancestors Library. Many libraries have it and there census records in it, as well as much other information. Ask the reference librarian there for help. Also can access other programs through their local library on your computer at home if you have a library card. Also try the SSDI (Social Security Death Index). Not everyone is in it, but you may be able to find it there. Http:// Good luck in your search.

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