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Jury Duty Survey for my American Government Class?

1. Name of the person you are interviewing, and your relationship with this person:

2. Was this person part of the voir dire, or screening process?

3. Was he or she dismissed or chosen to serve on the jury?

4. If dismissed, does this person know why?

5. If he or she was chosen, did the case go to trial?

6. If so, how long did he or she sit on the jury?

7. What type of court was it – county court or state court?

8. Was it a Grand Jury or Petit Jury?

9. Was it a criminal or civil trial?

10. What did this person learn about the court process?

11. Did this person feel he or she was fulfilling an important civic duty by serving?

12. If you got the chance to serve on jury duty once more, would you go through it again?

13. When serving in jury duty, was it what you expected?

???? What’s the question?

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