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do i have a chance taking my case to trial?

i was arrested in May. i was pulled over for speeding and given a ticket. after i was given a ticket, the officer stalled until state police arrived, uopon that they insisted searching my car because someone had “called me in”. they found 3 oz iof marijuana inn my car. make the long story short…. the judge refused to give me house arrest and the plea is time in jail with probation and felonies on my record until probation is up. i go to court the 18th. i can take the offer or take it to trial and fight it. i was told after they give u a ticket, u are free to go. and been told i can request another judge due to conflict of interest. the judge told my lawyer ” he knows me and isnt giving me house arrest.” should i take what they offer and be screwed with the record, or fight it. we will have a new judge in office after first of year? where can i find info on the laws and my rights?

Just hire an attorney. If you are riding around with 3 oz of reefer, you better have the money to hire a lawyer.

If not, well then you probably deserve everything you get.

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