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Could I visit my boyfriend in jail (complicated situation)?

about 2 weeks ago i was beaten to the point were i was in the hospital for 2 days, i dont remember anything that had happened do to the injuries to my head. when i picked up the police report it said that my boyfriend admitted to beating me.
he is now in Clayton County Jail in Georgia.

i was wondering if they would let me see him i’m 18 and so is he. I’m asking because i dont know if that will be held against me in court, or if they will even have that on record.

also can i bring a friend?

and no i’m not crazy, i know what he did was wrong but i dated him for a very long time and i would just like to know what he has to say about it.
ok thank you guys for you advice but i’m not asking for advide im simply asking if i would be allowed to visit from a legal stand point since was not sentenced yet.

Well, I’m going to give you a bit of advice. If a woman stays with a man who did this to her, then she actually deserves every beating she gets from this point on. What are you, stupid?

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