State Of California Department Of Corporations

Jaycee Dugard kidnapped the girl received $ 20 million?

That's a shame. The state, along with the corrections department could not afford to do its job right, but can afford to pay a victim $ 20 million. The pity is that California is not the only state with this problem. All states have this program. There probably was a probation / parole officer said something, but had no authority to do anything else. When you work for the government, especially the state government makes the hostile work environment for you when you're a good worker and what is right. A reputable company eliminates its poorly. The government eliminated its good workers. I do not care how broke a State that does not cost much and is actually less expensive to do the job right the first time! Does anyone else working for the government and see this happen all the time?

If anyone deserved $ 20 million, Dugards do. Want go through what the family went through? I think not. California is screwed because of all its agencies useless. Hundreds of them and the illegal population has been drained the school system, hospital care, incarceration, welfare etc. and because he could not resist voting for a movie star with zero experience.

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