Somerset Sex

What do you think immigration officials arrest 46 people in the street gang sweep across the state?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said 46 detainees reputation gang members and associates as part of a sweep of the entire state of New Jersey. "Operation Community Shield" led Union City, Morris County, Bound Brook, Long Branch, West New York, Somerset County and Hudson County. Officials say 33 of the 46 suspects are in the United States illegally. The suspects are from El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The detainees are Christians Garro-Chávez. Authorities say the 25-year-old is wanted in Costa Rica for murder, manslaughter and sexual abuse

Good! Now they must string them all together, and send them back to the country further away. In this way makes it much harder for them to return illegally. The other 11 can be thought of as a just punishment.

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