Rowan County Board Of Elections

This is typical liberal elitism?

RALEIGH, NC (AP) – The Republican plan to consider a North Carolina law that have contributed to an agreement between the parties allowing former Gov. Mike Easley to come out of extensive research in life with only a $ 1,000 fine. Both the prosecutor and governor's counsel two-term Democrat said that the 1973 law became a subject of discussion for weeks before the two sides reached an agreement. Both say that the General Assembly should provide some clarity. The law seems to offer immunity to any person who testifies before the State Board of Elections. Rowan County District Attorney Bill Kenerly says the law has contributed to his decision to negotiate a plea agreement with Easley. Sen. Phil Berger said that the law seems to be clarified. pay attention to Charlie Rangel. Democrats had to testify before the board of elections before the charges could arise. his testimony was not relevant to the election and was given the express purpose to evade prosecution.

It is typical of Democratic politics in North Carolina. Our former Dem president, Jim Black, has just emerged from federal prison! Democrats have been screwing the people of this state for 112 years. Our honorable Mr. Basnight, another dem. actually has the money earmarked for Western North Carolina after a devastating flood. His district is 500 miles away and on the dates in question, not even the rain in your area. I think I used to build a dock. Meanwhile, he had washed roads, bridges destroyed, entire neighborhoods sliding down our hillsides. The latter choice eventually drove out the vague and took control of the house and the State Senate for the first time in 112 years.

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