Oklahoma Court Records Free

Anybody able to tell me how or where to go on the net to find someone I am looking for?

I am trying to find someone that I went to high school with back in 1999. She was my high school sweetheart. I havent spoken to her since I was 18 years old and am curious to know if anybody on here might have some idea where else to look for her. I found a telephone number for her mom which is disconnected. Her name is Patricia Blalock, she is 26 years old, and her mom lived in Chouteau Oklahoma, which is wherebouts I think she is. I am really hoping for someone to suggest something that is free. Here is a list of what I have tried already ….

-mylife.com (reunion.com)
-yahoo people search
-odcr.com (oklahoma district court records)

If you have any suggestions please email me or answer to this. It will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Try searching at PeopleSearch.com

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