Loudoun County Police

loudoun county police
Caught with marijuana County, VA – Loudoun 17 years old?

My year-old brother of 17 (will be 18 in 3 months) had three marijuana seeds in his room, a smoking device, and a small amount of marijuana in it. Probation ends which are some with him and has a good reputation so far. The police said he was very cooperative was approved, the report said that at the same time the intake officer for review (done in Loudoun County has) and we've heard before official admission to their court date. What do you think will happen to him? Any suggestions as to what could, meanwhile, to make it look better on the court to do? Not a bad guy, it makes no sense and just bad parenting. Help please!

No one can change. Has to. The problem is from the look of things, not shown. Education is the best weapon against weeds and the problems that exist. The problem here is that it is unlikely to be open enough to accept the associated problems. Typically, for a 17 years old. Over time, if he continues his training, he will. If not, is doomed smoke weed until his death, all his potential into reality will never be reached.

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