Jackson County Marriage

Getting married at City Hall in Georgia?

I was wondering what you should be able to marry in a town hall in Georgia? Is there somewhere in Jackson County, Georgia, where you can get married quickly and not having to undergo the blood test and everything? I just want a quick marriage, single just me and my boyfriend exchange rings and the exchange of vows. If someone has more than 18 years is that person still need their parent (S) consent to marry? So when I married my husband can not become my guardian because my parents because I have a disability? Are there any something that my parents can do to prevent or legally marry my annual marriage after the marriage took place?

If you are under 21 years of his parents must sign for you. Do you love your girlfriend or is it a lazy when her lover forget all the red flags. if passed, then I have no problem. What about a small wedding in the house ….. good luck

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