Collin County Court House

What should I do to make a 14 years to leave to visit his father when the court ordered visitation is

instead? The child no no parent wants to see her as often as the schedule dictates. (I will not dwell on what happens to the father of the house.) Location is Collin County, Texas. There is an animal cruelty in the home and physical violence between people. Where a family pet was killed by another, the grill and served dead pet to 2 years of age plus two parents ate. This mascot is the context in my son's cell phone. These people are not kind to animals or children. There's more.

Parents are expected, by the court, to foster a "good" relationship with the other parent. Too many parents let their own like to be "imposed" on the child. Before I scream, and say that you are not doing that .. I am explaining in detail the underlying reasons. When there is an order court in place .. if not followed, may be penalized. When things are going, which place children at real risk, then the mom has to go back to court to obtain the modified order, and provide solid evidence of what are the reasons. The child does not want to go, it is not sufficient reason. The judge will probably want interview the child to make sure it's not just dislike, but real damage. Good luck .. greeting from the south Dallas County. Notice how the clouds tonight.

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