Allegany County Government


“Residents in southwestern Allegany County wanted their area to become part of neighboring Garrett County. Under the state constitution, the Marryland Legislature must pass a law before a couny’s borders can be changed…”

what actions can the Allegany residents do to influence the government on this issue? what action mould be most effective?

Poll, petition, and plebescite
Take a poll of all residents to determine whether this is indeed what the majority wishes. This involves a poll of both counties, not just one. Garrett County may not wish to become any larger than it already is, so you have to determine whether the proposed union is popular and viable.
Petition the government to promulgate a new law
Take a plebescite among the lawmakers to ensure they will pass the proposed law.
To do the latter, it is necessary to do some lobbying, and to determine the mindset of the legislature.

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