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Tax season is "bonus" illegal?

I am a staff accountant for an accounting firm in New Jersey. We have a standard working hours per week 35. During tax season you have to work late Saturday night, however, are not overtime paid. I am an employee and my tax season "bonus" is composed of overtime work time my salary Basic / 1820 hours (35 hours x 52 weeks). Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am not entitled to overtime pay at 1.5 times my salary schedule by the number of hours? I read about exceptions, no But I'm not an executive position. I do not think I am considered a professional I am not a CPA.

Short answer: You're wrong. Explanation of people who are managers and / or in specific occupations are exempt from overtime. You're lucky that your employer continues to pay a premium. The Most will tell you that their overtime is included in his salary. This means that if your salary is $ 50,000 and the official work week is 35 hours per week (1,820 per year), the employer and his salary was a estimate of 2,100 hours per year. Also, if you were in a position that is not exempt from the Old Testament rules when it comes standard rate for the first five hours in a week and 1.5 times the hourly rate of just over 40 hours per week. I hope this helps. Gary

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