Macomb County Register Of Deeds

Road Right of Way "Easement"?

I live in Macomb County, MI, and my house back up to a final way of death. The County wants to move the sidewalk claiming a right of way easement of 60 meters on each side of the road. This would be the location of the current tour 20 feet closer to my home. This is not shown in my writing or recorded deed with the county. Any ideas on how to fight it?

Besides love 'suggestions about your property, some regulations require a majority of abutters agree to new sidewalks (and the relevant municipal assessments) it is possible to work with neighbors to prevent the entire job. You can also make a difference if the street is public or private (and maintained), if you own centerline of the street or in the nearest edge of right of way, and what the local practices for public hearings on improvements like this.

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