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heating question serious answers only please?

If I insulate all my windows with the styrofoam type insulation plus plastic over this along with heavy blankets, throw rugs on all floors, heat tape outside on pipes and in working order, water left trickling indoors, and plenty of warm blankets to use will my home remain warm to get through the winter. I live in lower part of Michigan (Macomb County) in a small older model type mobile home. I have heat tape outside on my pipes and I can eliminate any drafts by insulating all drafts from any windows as mentioned above. I have tried asking this question or similar a number of times and have yet to get any answers other than kerosene heaters (which i am against as they can cause fires, or space heaters which I hear can run the electric bill sky high) I am trying very hard to get someone to please come and look at my furnace which isnt working but so far no luck so I want to prepare myself in the meantime. Government assistance wont help because according to them I do not qualify.

I have answered questions like this a few times. Some things only help if it is a sunny day.

One thing you dont want to do is block your windows. These let heat in from the sun. Some cheap ways to increase this is to go buy some black plastic sheets from the hardware store. Shouldnt cost to much might want to get some duct tape while there.

You can hang this sheeting in your windows that get direct sunlight. You can double the heating with a piece of cardboard or scrap plywood, just cover with aluminum foil and tilt slightly towards house on south side to get the sun to hit the plastic. This can heat a house pretty quickly. Put a fan in the room to circulate the air.

In the kitchen you can turn on the stove but leave the door shut. Direct a fan at it to circulate air. I only advise this for emergencies cause you can burn out the elements if electric and you leave the door open.

If you do use a space heater be sure the outlet doesnt have loose receptacles. If the cord falls out easily or with a slight amount of tension do not use it. You will cause a fire. Never use a extension cord with a space heater either.

Get some expanding foam at the hardware store and fill any cracks by the windows. Save your blankets for the doorways and yourself. However if the furnace isnt working you may want to put some towels or small blankets over the registers.

Check the skirting for leaks. Most of the heat in a trailer house is lost out the floor. The underlining is usually torn do to repairs or vermin and looses its ability to help. If you can get under here you could pack in some insulation in the holes and use the duct tape to patch it.

If the skirting has a breathing vent cover it with duct tape and a piece of cardboard. These do nothing but let cold air in.

BTW you can drive around and find free insulation at most construction sites. Alot of small pieces are thrown away by the installers. Just ask first.

I hate trailer houses and would like to say that nobody should buy or stay in one unless it is a manufactured home to specs.
These things are a drain on your money and the electrical grid. I hope you can find a better place to live.

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