Hennepin Court Records

What is this charge on someones criminal record? Is this man physically abuse someone? And he went to jail?

Conviction 7 of 7 Disposition Date: 09/15/2009 Assigned to the custody Institution: HENNEPIN CO-ADULT CORR WRKHSE Probation Institution Assigned To: HENNEPIN DISTRICT CO Court COURT: HENNEPIN CO DISTRICT COURT Judicial File No: CR0945278 Control Agency: PD MINNEAPOLIS Case #: 09286610 Disposition: convicted Conviction Level: Misdemeanor statute: Statute 518B.01.22.C Description: Domestic Abuse-Violate Order-w/in not touch 10 years GDC: The sentence (s): Pronounced – 90D, freedom monitored – Fine 1Y (s): Pronounced – $ 50

Record reads: Conviction July 7 date charges Custody self explanatory work Home / Corrections Probation Adult Court District Court with the number of ref to box 7 only if # minn conviction PD control sample level misdemeanor statute codified as / DA – Violated nw to Contact / Judgement in 10 years shows 90 days which would be in the place of custody and then, after a year's probation to be the court assigned above

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