What Is Superfund

Any dentists here who can help me?

I would like to know the average net income of dentists. I had a look at the site of ADA, said that average gross salary dentists experience (10 years +) is approximately $ 100,000. (I guess this is public and private dentist I would earn much more …. about $ 150,000 to 200,000)? However, since there are many overheads, equipment and personnel involved, and these are added to a large number also of having to pay in their own superfund … What is the average net income of dentists??

Obviously, this question can not be answered with a degree of reliability. Dentist income varies by region, type of practice states. Needless to say, the revenue potential is very good. If you practice in a small rural community, you earn less than the guys in the big city, but its expenses and the cost of living is lower, so that everything is relative. As I said before, do not choose a profession based on potential income, because they never earn enough and you hate your job. Good luck

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