Orleans Parish Louisiana

What dialect of Spanish that I speak of?

I am a descendant of the Spanish Canary Island of a large community of descendants in Louisiana 7 miles east of New Orleans in the community of St. Bernard. We have been in this community for a long time. Anyway Spanish is dying in my community. Me my grandfather taught me at the Islander (name of our people) dialect, but is a little different than the actual sound of the Canary Islands. R is silent in the Canary Islands ago. It sounds very very close, but the problem is only with Rs. In addition, the island dialect is a little bit slower in speed. Both sound very Cuban and dialects. I participate in bringing back the language in the community, but today I speak as the Canaries and pronounce the r's and Islander people in Louisiana and do not pronounce the r's. I made a great difference in accent. I think the island dialect evolved a bit from the original. Honest answers please.

No Spanish dialects. No diealects English. There are other ways of expression. This shit Castilian nose is rising too. Learn English R, P Queen Eliz speaks (no more) and learn Aznar speaks Castilian? Sorry! not their fault –

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