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Is there Tract housing in Oklahoma?

I am considering moving from Los Angeles (County), CA to OK. Tough time deciding where. I want a change from the planned community suburbs and tract housing. Which is about 85% of Southern CA. I would like more rural and country living. Do these cities and towns have tract housing? If not, what kind of houses and apartments are there?

OK City, Syre, Choctaw, Chickashaw, Norman, Moore, Muskogee, Stillwater, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Poteau, Sequoia, Edmond, Shawnee, etc.,

Please help.

Actually, there’s very little tract housing in Oklahoma. Most of it is custom, “stick built”. I don’t blame you a bit–all I’ve ever lived in out here is tract, and even tho my house is in a pretty ritzy neighborhood, I’m still doing laundry in the garage!! Stillwater is a sweet college town, Tulsa is probably the prettiest, Broken Arrow is a nice ‘burb of Tulsa. Norman is lovely-again, a college town, but also a ‘burb of OKC so more activity there year round. Edmond is also a really nice suburb of OKC. I don’t know how much equity you have in your CA place but $300k buys you a really nice house in OKC-Edm-Nor and the Tulsa area. It becomes less expensive and more rural in Chickasha, Anadarko etc. but you realize you’re away from a large city so if you have a medical emergency you’re not near a large hospital. And one of the prettiest towns, but not too large, is Ardmore: you might check that out. Apartments in the larger cities range from inexpensive to pretty posh, just like any other city. lets you look for properties with acreages, farms etc so that might be helpful to you. You might also look for a house with a basement–more common in the rural areas, I think–very good for tornado season! If you ride you need to decide if you want your horse at your place, or if you want to live more in town and board your horse elsewhere; there are advantages to both, of course. It does take a while to house hunt back there, since every house IS different, as compared to CA, where I think there are only 6 floor plans in the whole state.

I wish you luck 🙂 you’ll find wonderful kind people, and houses that would cost $1M out here. In the meantime, watch “Saving Grace”!

Have fun!!

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