Monmouth County Jail Nj

How I can see why a person was in jail?

Long story short … My sister lost her husband 2 years ago with cancer and is now dating a guy known to have been in jail several times, but do not know why. My sister, best friend's husband was offered a job last week and not fill the application because he was afraid of his background check crimal back. Have only been together for 3 months, but he lives with his now (With your 12 years of age and their children 3). He has not worked a day since I met him. Do not have a car. A real winner! And this morning we were told that you want married! Oh, and I should mention that when her husband died received nearly $ 350,000 in insurance money. So if anyone can help me and tell me how to find out why this man was in jail … PLEASE … I wold be forever grateful! By the way … We are in Monmouth County, NJ. I've already checked web site and all state correctional occurred. And I can not find a county site offers a search. Thanks!

Is it worth paying? Intellis? Are you sure he's from Jersey?

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