Harris County Clerk Of Court

I filed an affidavit of inability to pay ..?

I have been separated for 3 years with my husband and I recently went and asked the divorce in the state of Texas, Harris County .. Well, I have two small children and do not make much money, I make about $ 900 .00 per month and I have rent of $ 650 per month other bills to increase children .. The husband did not help at all .. child support is in order. I received a letter from the court ruling and told me maintenance order swearing contest poor. "THEREFORE, THE ORDER, ADJUDGED and decreed that the contest to the affidavit reporting og my name to proceed in this area without payment of filing fees or part thereof, or to give security therefore is sustained. FURTHER ORDER that the Harris District Clerk will not process no further action or configuration in this case unless and until my name respondent paid in full the filing fees. But what I is I sent this with any amount, and it was signed. i do not understand ..? What should I do to help pay or what ..

You have to go and pay the filing fee (If orders either by divorce or support), and that costs money, in some courts to file motions relating to divorce and children. Can be $ 25 / $ 50 for the movement and then it can get very expensive very quickly! You also need to go to court immediately and file a motion for contempt and summon your ex for not paying support. It may cost money to file the motion, but for the other (which ask the Court to do) ask your former pay the filing fee and attorneys' fees partners, because their inability to pay child support actually has to file the motion and schedule a hearing. In his motion citing financial difficulties and is not helping at all. Good luck.

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