Hardee County Jobs

10p to the most helpful-Anyone know of any job openings for teens in Desoto or Hardee county?

I’m not out of school, but it’s an online school so my schedule is totally flexable and I could work whatever amount of hours. I’ll be 18 soon, so I suppose if you know of places that’ll still be hiring 18+ in a month or two, feel free to mention it, but for now I’m a minor. No prior experience except at a little, independently owned, antique store 2, but that was a few years ago. Any suggestions I could check out? I prefer hard work over brainy work, and I’m stronger than all the girls I know anyway. Waitressing, cashiering, stocking? Any places you know of?
I might join the army sometime (my dad is a WWII veteran) but I’m just not the in-shape type, trust me, my avatar probably makes me look 40 pounds less than what I am. I want an answer from someone that actually nows of a place that IS hiring.
That’s funny that u’d mention bowling alleys since all the teens in my town have been complaining about the shutdown of ours. (We don’t even have a stink’n theater!)

hmm an easy job would be at your local super market for example tops
wegmans or what ever is closeist to you

or u can join the army =)
i work at a bowling ally c if there is any near u
Good luck

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