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What is the punishment for this crime?

a friend of mine was stopped for allegedly speeding. Police said he was going 68 to 55. but my friend said he thought was 60. and the cop asked my friend that he can register his car and he did with his dog and found a joint and paraphanlia (Paper). my friend still has not go to jail but he was sitting in the back of the police car and saw the laser speed say 60. and my friend has a paper saying he has to prove to the court and in the 2 accused of a misdemeanor of 1 for weeds and the other for paraphanilia. but no speeding ticket. I do not understand Why have not get a ticket and a ticket without a seat belt. What do you think the punishment. my friend has never been arrested and is 32. and has a long history management. and living in Florida. doesn't a police probable cause to do this?

First, the police have no authority to look at a situation as a speeding ticket without worry! so you should just say no! but the worst case scenerio, you receive a couple of days in jail and probation as 1-2 years. but since he volunteered as a dumb a * s do not get much! jakflak not had probable cause to pull him from excess speed, but not to search! the only time he has that authority if he already had a record or has current orders and get arrested and the car gets seized as you can! or if you really saw her!

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