Nj Tax Record

Obama's record is now zero for RTE and getting worse?

Promise not to lobbyists in his administration – not the Olympic bid Chicago – not the "stimulus bill" to keep unemployment below 8% – not "Global Warming" summit – no Jersey governor race – Not the VA Governor race – no Senate seat in the U.S. Masters – Not all health care negotiations on C-SPAN – The health reform has not spend the first year – not the Super Bowl 44 prediction – ———- ————————— — Obamacare not – do not expect New York trial KSM – Cape Town hold and the budget shortfall – the failure to hold multiple seats Democratic Congress in November – do not expect an accurate count is this hand? Raise it if you still believe that Obama can reduce sea level by simply waving your hand.

5.7% GDP growth is positive (the growth in 6 years), after falling 6.4% NEGATIVE Bush NY 23. Genius.

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