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Indian Police Clearance Certificate?

Any ideas what an Indian PCC checks? Is it a check with the local police station where one resided or is there a national database where all info like O/S warrants, non court appearances etc is listed? I’m talking about minor matters like financial frauds and payment defaults, not murder, rape, violence etc.
Also, if there is an issue like a warrant or non court appearance, will the Indian consulate refuse to return the passport? Educated answers only, idiots kindly refrain from answering.

The Indian PCC is a check with respect to your passport attested by the local passport authority which issued you the passport. It can be either stamped on your passport or a certificate is issued to you stating that Mr. xyz has no adverse records against him.
If you are within India then
If you reside outside India then the Indian Consulate will get it issued for you for a fee. If your passport was issued in india it would take abt 4-6 weeks. If your passport was issued outsid India and from the same place you are currently residing in then it will take 2-3 days depending on your country.
The certificate issued is just a one liner which states that the said passport authority issued you this passport and has no criminal records against you. The wordings are also different.
Again, different countries accept different Pcc’s. Some idiotic countries like Spain still require you to get your Pcc from India from the local police station and get that attested via their Embassy. In general the Spanish Embassy has no respect for individuals not Spaniard.
Other countries like the USA, Canada, Australia etc. generally accept the Indian Embassy issued Pcc.
That is regarding the Police Clearance Certificate.
To your specific questions, if there is ambiguity regarding your ‘criminal’ offences vis a vis your passport then the local passport/police authority might question you and look into the matter for further clarifications.

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