Lasalle County Jail

If you are responsible for medical expenses while in police custody?

About a year and a half ago the police had taken me to a hospital, despite not attending care and had no desire to go to hospital I had to go yet, and I'm still being collected by these projects law. This happened in LaSalle County in Illinois. See the funny thing is, I was not in prison. He was not arrested, all I have a ticket for obstruction of justice not show my name when I was in my own house! I did not go to jail, no bail was set for me. The police thought he needed treatment doctor because they may have had too many in my own home and because he refused to show identification at my own residence. I refuse medical treatment! All what happened was I had to talk to someone at the hospital and explain what had happened that night, I have not received any treatment, medication or anything of that nature.

Yes, you are liable unless they can prove the officer's actions were negligent. This is a question of responsibility. If the police had no giving high and something that happened, the department could be sued. While the police actions were reasonable, it is unlikely that you will get your bills paid.

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