Jefferson County Marriage Records

looking for marriage record for my grandparents.?

I have been looking for marriage records and have had others doing the same for me and we have come up with nothing so far. 3 years. so I am wondering if someone could help me with this. Their names were Edwin Ashley and Ruth Rees the Bible record says they married Nov 22 in Missouri. Their first child was born in Missouri in Jan1907 so they should have been married in 1906. She lived in Harvey county Kansas in 1905 and he was with an amusement company called C.W Parker Amusement Company. Any help will be appreciated. Have checked out the counties around Harvey and others in Kansas Osage etc. and in Missouri around Jefferson county. Kansas City Missouri also. Thanks ahead of time.

In 1930
Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California; Roll: 162; Page: 17B;
Enumeration District: 678; Image: 35.0.

Edwin Ashley 49 Head Kansas
Ruth Ashley 39 Wife Kansas
Preston Ashley 20 Son MO
Mildred Ashley 18 Daughter MO
Richard Ashley 15 Son MO
Dorothy Ashley 11 Daughter KS
Camille Ashley 7 Daughter CA
Wanda Ashley 3 & 7/12ths Daughter CA

Edwin says he was 25 at first marriage, Ruth 16. 1906 fits right in.

Do you have their obituaries? Sometimes they mention wedding dates and places.

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