Frederick County Virginia

Will you check if my windows open during the inspection of the vehicle?

My car is in good shape, the only problem is the part of After two windows do not open. Driver side and passenger windows of the open front however. Will this cause my car to fail inspection? Also, my car is registered in Frederick County, Virginia and I've never heard anything about an emissions inspection, but I heard about it in Fairfax, I have to have this done? I'm not doing an emissions inspection! I'm getting the safety inspection that give you a sticker.

Hi Nell, Well I do not know the specific laws in Virginia, but I can talk generally about inspections. There are two types. The first is the safety inspection will cover things like headlights, taillights, the tread of the tires, possibly even wipers and brakes. The other is an emissions inspection. Emissions inspection to consist of a "sniffer" test, in which a tube is inserted into the exhaust pipe of the vehicle and the levels of CO and NOX were checked to see whether they agreement. I understand that in some places also include a visual check under the hood to see if modifications have been made in the systems of pollution control (which in modern cars is almost the whole damn engine) I can not imagine any type of inspection bothering with the rear window:) As to whether you have to have inspection made, is that when it's time to renew your registration. If required, you will not be able to renew the plates without it. Good luck! Bill

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