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army warrant …citation.??

i think i have a warrant on my record for an unpaid/no show court appearance.i had been cited last yr and court date was for this year august(dallas tx) but funny thing i have been pulled over by police frm different counties even dallas and no one says anything bout that warrant.also since am getting in the army will they allow me to get in???it was a busted tail light and and driving without original dl.i jus rem about it 2day

A misdemeanor failure to appear (a.k.a. capius) warrant may not show up when an officer runs a routine 10-27 / 10-29 (record, warrant check), but the you can bet the military will find out. If your recruiter sees it, he may not offer you anything, as it is considered a character and honer issue. Take care of this before it is served on you, as it eventually will. The consequences of a bench warrant are far worse than the original ticket.

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