Court Dates For Inmates

court dates for inmates
I ask because I do not know the answer?

What I can do here is the problem. THE men in the Twin Towers jail, but then arrested and (drinking alcohol, make it a habit to be there.), although in many cases, information on medical consultation, court dates, and be partly wrong from prison (Sheath care), I was told to take the medication for HIV, which was wrong according to their records, I have something I'm not HIV has been to Sheriff assult me and saw a few other prisoners assult happened. what can be done treating people who swear by an oath to uphold the Constitution to protect and serve the public. but the abuse of power against me and others, and doing what is in court assult with a weapon and justify it when bad is it? Is there any way to this and have delt with, or am I alone in this?

Talk to your lawyer …

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