Baldwin County Inmates

my son was incarcerated in nov 05 in the baldwin county jail, in bay minette alabama?

he was revoked bond on a theft charge when he didnt show up for court and a warrent was issued. he was told by his xxx-girfriend he didnt have to show up he has been appointed a lawyer by the court. they have there own laws here and its not fair he has to sit in jail since nov 05 on this i have been reading about a writ of habeas corpus he is not getting his rights and hes guilty until proven innocent its totally backwards. its not only him they do this to. most of the prisoners there are held to because the state pays so much money per prisoner a day plus they charge them $5.00 a day which they have to pay when and if they get out im going to tell the news how they are treated. this is injustice. also i’ve been told the Doctor for the inmates is a veterian doctor. also there was recently 4 deaths of inmates due to negligence

Contact your congressman esp if you think there rights are being violated or the American Civil Liberties Union.And a veterinarian is not a qualified health practitioner for humans.

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