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Should we tell the father that custodial our phone number?

The parent without custody of the child to the left when were only 2 years old, and not try to take up to 2 years later. Then, after going to court, gave me custody. The noncustodial parent has a record of calling every month, unless there is something like another baby on the road. Since we have different schedules, the father seldom North Carolina requested, the child was not near the phone, making the cry of North Carolina parents and blame us for the time differences. It seems that most of the time the father calls to North Carolina to start a fight instead of talk to the child. I changed my number of arguments to prevent and stop harassing calls. Do I have to tell you our new number? Do not pay child support.

You must give the number. When they start to something that does not address the child just hang. The only thing you should discuss the questions of health of this child, school, schedules, medical appointments etc that a parent should know. Arguing is giving them the power and not take. Just tell them from now on .. unless it relates to the child that you hang up. If the other person is rude .. hanging. You get the point. You do not have to talk to them if they are rude and is not directly related to the child. But if that person has VISITS .. is entitled to have contact with the child and contact with someone in case of emergency Set a time so you can call any other way …. keep the recorder. You can set limits …. not ..

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