Lagrange Court

Indoor volleyball gym near Westchester, Lagrange, Oakbrook, IL etc?

Ok, so I'm a freshman and we have versions Volleyball trial in August. I'm pretty good and passing and spiking, but my surroundings and serve up the head are not very good. What I worry about my service because I heard you need to have a good kick over the head, even taken into account. Anyway, I need to know if there are gyms all over Westchester, Illinois, Oakbrook, Lagrange, westernsprings, and other towns nearby that has an indoor track that can be used for practice. I was thinking of buying a network to practice at home, but neither my yard or rear entry is as long as a regulation court and I make sure I can atleast get my serves in the field all the time. I really appreciate your help!

well if you are willing to travel a bit … Tuesday night at Lifetime Fitness in Romeoville is not so bad. I Joliet Park District last week, costs $ 5 a lot of former college players and adults in the club. Really good game. I even take some kids from the neighborhood from time to time that are fresh and Soph school in Romeoville secondary.

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