Coos County Jail

Official Parodi makin me do community service, I do not like?

Human diseases dawg check my order I want to go sing in a nursing home and playing the guitar and other things, a church maannn I said "or the best way to Jokin, dayym man … this is not principal chief operating officer, said he, u better watch yoself joke to be in the county jail da "as he is not the cooo dayyyyym, what happened to follow Jones gives? So two to make a long story i will not not fooolks country ollllld pway moosic not gangsta and I MAYYN im not a cowboy

I feel your pain G. OP all in your grill that way. Shame … However, you can rent your own turntables and speakers, and mix em a little country music dey never heard before! Get em all and dance and stuff. Cellar?

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