Wisconsin Jails

How I can find what my father is in jail and the charges pressed against him in Wisconsin, the state?

I'm trying found after a site that is free, he was in prison, my father, if he is freed and the charges are against him. He is, in many of Wisconsin Thanks for your help I have done so much and did not work, but I know for a fact he is in prison, but do not know what church because I do not live there

Right here: JSESSIONID http://wcca.wicourts.gov/index.xsl 5B2F9938B16FE09C8DE1267C774879D5.render5 = After clicking "I Agree", you have your name and County, where he is in power. If not, enter "statewide" in the county. I can not say where or when confined in prison, but will give a recording of the fees he has and if Hios next hearing. If you think you might be in jail, the Sheriff's Department in the county that is calculated on

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