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What to do when you move?

I am in grade 10 and I decided that when I graduate, I want to go to another state when I go to trade school because want to be a court reporter. I do not want to live in Los Angeles for the rest of my life. So look for the web and found the business schools in Washington and Michigan, I love to travel. I know I have to get an apartment before the move that not only … I'm confused thinking what things to do. Can anyone tell me or help me.

You do not have to go to school out of state to get a job outside of California. Just stay in California somewhere and go to school there, so you can get in-state tuition. Once you graduate and have their degree or certificate that can travel anywhere in the world you want. Make sure you look at the school you wish to attend and check your registration out of state standards. Many schools require that live in the state for 6 months or a year before being able to receive the fees in the state.

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