State Of New Jersey Public Records

Need help from a lawyer?

can a lawyer in the state of New Jersey do or help me clear my record or I have a need to hire a lawyer and how much it would cost. I have a violence charge against me for a fight i had with my brother and was charged with a felony, but was knocked to misdemeanor but what really has affected my being hired for a job. this occurred about 2 years with my brother. since then I can not get jobs because their visit my backround and no company wants to hire a person with violence there backround

A public defender representing him when in fact only be charged of a crime. Once the case is over is not allowed to continue to represent him on other issues – such as searching for cancellation. While those who "can" do it yourself without the help of a lawyer, not everything is as simple a process, and the help of a lawyer who advised to be – should not cost more than a couple hundred dollars. If is to "do" want to try it for yourself, the New Jersey Judiciary has prepared a practical guide to DIY, here ….. 10557.pdf Richard

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