Shiawassee County

Why are there three dams on the Misteguay Creek in Shiawassee County(M.I.)?

Im doing a school project on flooding. I cannot find the answer to this question online at all. Please help by giving sources where we could find the information or if you could just tell me if you know.

Where the heck is M.I.? If you mean Michigan, that is abbreviated MI.

Dams in general are used to control flooding, provide water for irrigation and civil use, and hydroelectric power.

Do yourself a favor, and introduce yourself to the wonderful world of search engines. There is an excellent free one on top of this page, just enter the key words “Shiawassee County Misteguay Creek Dam” into the magic little box, click on Web Search, and presto, there’s all the information on your subject you could ever want.

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