Prince Georges County Property Tax

Where is the best place in Washington, DC / MD / VA for a young couple buy a property for the first time?

As for the possible purchase next summer. I'd like a loft-style apartment or a house in the city. A hometown, it is preferable that I would stay at least 5 years. I have 27 years is 24, turn right home income is now $ 5400 (after taxes) for two. The location must be accessible by subway I work in downtown Washington, DC. How accessible are the places like Clarksburg, Germantown? Is Prince Georges a credible alternative or too "ghetto" and riddled with crime? I would not mind 're certainly looking. last alternative is to keep the rent in the Montgomery County … I'm currently renting and paying $ 1400 for a two bed roomed apartment Silver Spring (excluding bills). My current FICO is 620 and I can get to 700 by next summer. Any advice from the city we can see? $ 5.400 after combined tax myself and spouse. Monthly! Forgot to mention.

What are your working hours to be lacking from having to get home or stay home at night by herself? I've been in this area for 20 years and lives in Laurel, unless skirts in Howard County. If you are looking to buy evidence Rockville, Clarksburg is how far to travel to Washington DC. You could consider some areas of Virginia, in relation to all PG County to be "Ghetto" I think that's false. Some areas are good as Montgomery County some are good and some not so good. Like the Briggs Chaney area of Silver Spring or not good. Review records of crime to the area they are considering, through the unit at night so you can see that if it were. Is it well lit night. I would definitely buy the time is ideal for shopping and interest rates have fallen. Good luck.

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