Nassau County Tax

Can someone help me with New York’s sales taxes?

I shopped a chain clothing store, one in Nassau County and one in Suffolk County.

Both receipts have clothing items taxed at 4.625%–most of my items were taxed at this rate.

But on the same receipt, I also have items taxed at 8.X% and 4.25%. I understand the 8.X% tax rate–something didn’t ring up as clothing.

What’s the 4.25% rate for?

Both receipts totaled just more than $100. I thought the clothing tax rate was up to $110–or maybe it is $100?

Here’s exactly what one receipt says:

Subtotal $101.63
Sales tax 8.X% (I understand what this is) .40
Sales tax 4.625% (Sales tax on clothing) 4.21
Sales tax 4.25% (What is this for?) .32

That .32 is the mystery. Anyone know what the 4.25% rate is for?
The second poster gave me a good clue. One item, an infant one piece romper for “Baby’s First Christmas,” was $7.59. Is certain infant clothing taxed at a different rate?

I don’t have an answer for you but maybe a clue. $0.32 is 4.25% of $7.53. Was there anything on the receipt that was about $7.53?

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