Irving Jail Inmate

Locating the jail / prison an inmate is in?

hello, my ex boyfriend is in jail, and I want to send a letter, all is that I have no idea what prison is, and I have a number to cantact their parents or relatives. he is a minor (16 years), and was sent to jail for being under the rule in a murder (Photography Robers aggravated) <- I said I'm not 100% on it. Or the crime was carried out at any Texas (Irving / Dallas Gussing are important, because that's where I lived) or somewhere in Oklahoma. So he is 16 years old, Black male, the name is antonio Holmes. If you have any information about it, such as news articles, or could help me find the jail / prison is in anwser this question, and either send me an e-mail, or give email address and could contact if I have questions. this help would be greatly apprecated! and 10 points the best. PS I have tryed some of thoes prisoner searches and have come up empty handed (im guessing because you are under 18 years)

Here is how to find federal prisoners: Here is another state: Where the state, you have to know the state in question, and search within the State, could only give sites for federal inmates.

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