Caldwell Detention Center

Does anyone know that the Guardian of my prison in Louisiana was a felony probation?

Back in our Associates '2001 Leroy Vaught Warden was arrested for felony charges stemming from his being a director at the Caldwell Detention Center. He was subsequently sentenced still has his job as director at Richwood Correctional Center Monroe, LA. The only thing that changed was the title role that made him guardian of the inner city, but the rest of the inmates were DOC which means they were prisoners of state. Was it legal for a guard who is being supervised by a probation officer to monitor state 400 state inmates and have access to computers with respect to internal state and its release dates? You do not believe the horror stories you tell about that place that may in fact still going on seven years later. I hope someone will stop the abuse there. I've heard of an officer to urinate more than 3 heads prisoners from a bedroom of 80 inmates, and he tested positive for marajuana prisoners were beaten and choked until they called the same man and two other dad.

not go to jail and then u can not complain about it. I hope that hard

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