Loudoun County Police

Proper Move Out Inspection?

My wife and I are going to take the house that we rent out in a month of so. However, due to the concern that illegal substances or plants may be in the or hidden by the tenant (such as illegal drugs or dead animals in backyard).

I want to ask is there anyway that we can ask the local police to help or any form of legal law enforcement to check the property to make sure no illegal substance was hidding by accident (or left overs from my tenant)?

I live in Virginia in a rather big farm (rural areas). The backyard is around 1 acre fenced.

Any input will help. I think the county that we are in is either Loudoun or Fairfax County (on the borderline, but we pay taxes on the Fairfax County).

as my peer said, just inform the police you have the slightest reason to wonder, thus, would
they come out for a brief check for “this stuff.”

next time you want to rent out the house, put in hidden cams in front and back.


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