Hocking County Jobs

Southeast OHIO: Anyone have an extra car/truck/suv that they’ll trade for home improvements?

On the same day that I was laid off my job as an Art Director my wife was in a bad accident & our Jeep was totalled. Insurance paid off the Jeep but left us with only one car. My wife, thankfully, fully recovered after a month. She uses our only vehicle to get to her rural job. We need another vehicle.
I have 22 years experience as a maintenance man/handyman. I do expert painting, drywall, plumbing, carpentry & electrical work. You buy the materials and I’ll do the work, labor free for that extra vehicle you have just sitting around your yard. This is not an ad, I am looking to buy a vehicle & to pay for it with my labor.

We can work something out if you live in Perry, Athens, Hocking, Morgan or Muskingum Counties, or possibly other near by counties. Even if it’s just a possibility please click on my crime dog pic & it’ll enable you to e-mail me. I have a clean record with great referances. If you have an extra vehicle around it could be a real win-win for both of us. Thank you!

I wish I did.

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