Hernando County Court

What can i expect for retail petty theft?

I live in Hernando County, Fl. Im 22 years old. I got caught stealing, the total amount was under 50 dollars. It was not my intention to steal that day. It just was a bad decision I made in the moment. It was a stupid thing to do and I will never break the law again as long as I live. I was charged with retail petty theft in the first offense. This is my first time getting into trouble with the law. I am supposed to appear in court on Wednesday. I wrote a letter of apology and sent it to loss prevention of the store and i have started my payments on my 200 dollar cival claim. I want to know what can I expect and what is the worst that they can sentence me to. Please help. I am scared and worried
also i didnt get arrested or get handcuffs put on me. and both the officer and the loss prevention person said that they had never seen anyone act so respectful and ready to take responsibility before and they put that in the reports.

civil claim? I hate to tell you, but any letter you get in the mail from a lawyer claiming to represent the store you stole from and demanding payment of X amount is a scam. all shoplifters get a letter like that in the mail.

I’m in texas and my first shoplifting charge was theft 500-1500 (just a few dollars shy of being over 1500 and a felony) and I got No fine, deferred adjudication (80 hrs community service, and a few hour theft intervention class)

The first offense always has the most lenient punishment and you also had a very minor charge. you won’t get much and it most likely will not go on your record provided you complete deferred adjudication or whatever they might give you.

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