Harnett County Sheriff

Who is to blame for this? Video games, parents, bullies…?

Harnett sheriff’s deputies shoot, kill 13-year-old
by Mike Voorheis

A 13-year-old boy was shot and killed by Harnett County law enforcement officers early Tuesday morning, according to an article at FayObserver.com.

Ardound 2:25 a.m., the deputies, Cpl. T. Assman and Sgt. T. Baggett, approached the boy, who had two knapsacks. When they found a weapon in his possession, they told him to show his hands. The boy fired a handgun, striking Assman, and the deputies returned fire.

Only later did the deputies learn that the boy was 13 years old, the article said.


It’s a shame a 13 year old is dead but if there’s 2 cops and I shoot a cop I should expect to killed.

The cops may have saved more lives that morning than anyone can say. If the kid would shoot a cop, I guess he’d shoot anyone.

The cops did their job.

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